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2015-04-14 14:41:48
Partners in Crime, Twin-homes, Colors, and Canada

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Mark's Real Estate blog, written by his new partner in crime- his wife. When we were first married, I enjoyed riding around with Mark, looking at houses and getting decorating ideas. Mark eventually got so busy that we decided the best thing for his business was for me to quit my job and become partners with him. Though I don't actually have a real estate license, I've spent a lot of time so far doing some of the background work and driving to help him out. Yesterday, he came up with the brilliant idea of updating the blog! So here I am. :)



I thought I would start out with talking about the 'twin-home' experience. This started when Mark got a call last Saturday to go help some clients from Canada, who were ready to buy in the next week. These clients are a middle-aged couple looking to buy a second home in Utah, where two of their children have moved. We ended up spending our entire Saturday looking at townhouses and 'twin-homes' with them.

After walking through one or two townhomes with them, one of them asked, 'do you have any twin-homes for us to see?' And I said, 'you mean duplexes?' Come to find out, twin-homes are NOT duplexes. They are in fact, an interesting type of home I had obviously never heard of. With a duplex, the owner typically builds it or buys it and rents out both sides. With a twin home, two homes are built side-by-side mirroring each other like a duplex, but can be individually owned and built. For example, this couple we are working with has the option to buy half a lot and build a home, knowing that eventually another home will be built, attached to the other side of their home. Twin-homes also look more like, and usually are similar in size to, a regular home.

Here is a picture of the twin-homes they were looking at in Orem. These homes are built in a subdivision with other brand new detached homes. It was a beautiful area, and the workmanship on all of the homes was impressive. 


Colors and Canada

A note about interior colors and Canada. One of the homes we saw was decorated with a more beige tone on the walls, and darker-colored laminate floors. We walked into the next home, and this had light gray laminate, with gray walls. I said, 'aren't the colors in here beautiful?!? It really lightens up the home.' The client looked a little confused and said, 'is this color in right now?' Mark and I both replied that yes, the lighter grays are very trendy, and we even painted our walls a similar color. She looked disappointed and said, 'I don't like it. It reminds me of Canada in the winter.' Interestingly enough, they are planning on living in Utah in the winter to escape the bitter cold and gray Canadian winter. Well, not surprisingly, the home with the beige and dark colors was her favorite. :)

Sorry about the picture of our dog. This was the only picture we had of our walls with good lighting. Hehe. The pic on the top shows the gray color on the walls in our home. This almost matches the gray color in the home they looked at. The one on the bottom is the color in the first home they looked at, with more beige tones. 






Was our client right, does the gray color match the colors of Canada in the winter (pic below)? :)


That's all for now, if you'd like to see more twin-homes, town homes, or ANY homes at all, feel free to visit hothomesutah.com, or call Mark at (435)849-5914. We would love to help you out.


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2015-04-14 14:41:48
Partners in Crime, Twin-homes, Colors, and Canada

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